Charitable Giving Matters

What you are to be

You are now becoming

Is the cost of hiring an organizer holding you back?

Professional organizing services may not be within your budget.
But, you deserve a life free of unnecessary clutter and stress.

My small business cares and wants to serve its community.

The Charitable Giving Contest is for people like you that want positive change. So please, don’t let a lack of funds be what holds you back.
It’s your time to blossom.

Apply for financial relief – Help is waiting for you

Each month, I select one entry from the charitable giving submissions made on this site. To that person, I donate three hours of my time. In a single session, I can generally get one area organized. If they don’t have a lot of clutter, we might be able to finish a small room. Read the program’s guidelines to enter. Please review them carefully, then submit a help ticket with the required fields completed. The first step is taking a chance to ask for help.

Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.
Sally Koch