Terms and Conditions of Service

By signing our Independent Contractor Agreement, you agree to the below terms and conditions of service:

Confidentiality & Ethics

ALL Organized Now (AON) adheres to the National Association of Professional Organizers Code of Ethics. We understand our clients may feel vulnerable and exposed throughout our process and that the incidental exposure of private information is possible. Respect and discretion are paramount to our conduct. We will never discuss your personal matters with a third-party without your consent unless compelled to do so by a court or administrative order. We encourage you to set aside any items you wish to keep private during our work together. Clients write the testimonials on our website and sign release forms before photo publication. AON is a permissive reporter under CA law. We report child abuseelder abuse, and domestic violence to local authorities, causing immediate termination of the employment contract. 

Service Area & Travel Time 

AON serves the San Francisco Bay Area. We bill non commute travel time at our standard hourly rate, including the time between sites such as donation drops and supply runs. Waving of travel fees is at the discretion of AON. Not sure if we provide services in your area? Contact us about your city.

Contract & Booking Fee

AON requires a signed Independent Contractor Agreement and a booking fee of $100 to begin services. The $100 booking fee applies to the cost of services. Purchasing a prepaid package waives the booking fee.

Session Fees 

AON communicates fees and expenses before service and posts current rates and package prices on our website. Posted rates and packages are subject to change. Hourly services round up to the nearest 15-minute increment. Note: If multiple organizers are present, hours will multiply by the number of organizers. AON reserves the right to adjust its pay scale or decline providing services when work conditions are hazardous; examples include the discovery of toxins, health hazards, or dangerous environments.

Payment Information

We expect full payment at the time of service and send invoices via email immediately after each session. You must purchase package deals in advance. AON accepts cash, personal check*, Venmo, and PayPal payments. Make checks payable to ALL Organized Now. *Returned Check Fee: Checks returned for non-sufficient funds are subject to a $25.00 return check processing fee and may incur added late payment fees. (California Civil Code section 1719) Failure to pay within seven (7) business days of service makes a payment delinquent. Delinquent payments are subject to a late fee of $20.00. Additionally, if we do not receive payment in full within (7) business days, we impose late charges at .8333% interest per month (10% per year) on your unpaid balance after 30 days.


There are no refunds for completed services. Refunds are available for unused portions of a package. The refund calculation equals the difference between the package price and the total hours worked multiplied by the standard hourly rate. AON reserves the right to end the contract and refund unused hours from a prepaid package if a client repeatedly cancels or no-shows.

Cancellation, No-Show, and Late Arrival Policy

Your time is valuable, and ours is too. We require 24-hour advance notice of cancellation; late cancellations lose their full booking fee. We charge no-shows and late arrivals the entire session cost regardless of the start time. Emergency exceptions and waivers are at the discretion of AON.

Termination of Contract

AON and our clients have the right to cancel services in writing effective immediately, at any time, for any reason. Services rendered before cancellation merit full payment. AON may terminate any contract without refund if: 

  1. the client, the client’s family, friends, or associates engage in threatening or violent behavior. Threatening behavior is intentionally or knowingly putting another person in fear of bodily injury. Violent behavior is any behavior that harms or injures a person or destroys property. 
  2. the work conditions are prohibitively dangerous or hazardous. 
  3. the client fails to get authorization for access to the job site halting the work.

Final Walk-Through 

AON conducts walk-through orientations after each session to provide clients an opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns. AON addresses concerns immediately when possible or before moving on to the next project phase. AON provides a satisfaction survey at the end of the contract.

Client Commitment

Organizing is a collaborative process, especially in the beginning stages. Focused client involvement is key to success. If you have young children, hiring a sitter will help you get the most out of our time together, as will keeping large pets out of the work area. Clients achieve the best results when they: are willing and openly embrace change, keep their scheduled appointments, establish rules and follow them, maintain objectivity, and are decisive when purging, selling, or repurposing items. Complete the homework assignments before the next session. Maintain order in organized areas, particularly staging or work areas.

Project Time Line

Each client and project are unique. We pride ourselves on treating our clients with compassion and support. We never want you to feel rushed or pressured into letting go of your items; instead, we aim to direct and encourage you. AON provides a customized scope of work for each job but can only give rough time estimates for projects. Project timelines vary and depend; on the size of the space, the number of items sorted and organized, the willingness to part with things, decision-making speed, and the availability of adequate organizing solutions. The client’s role in keeping their project on time and within budget requires:

  1. decisiveness about what to donate, trash or sell or repurpose.
  2. completing homework assignments.
  3. keeping previously organized areas in order.
  4. maintaining the work surfaces and staging area free from clutter.


AON customizes solutions to meet your organizing style and storage needs. Clients pay separately for their organizing supplies. AON will shop and deliver items to your location, or the client may purchase items independently. Standard hourly rates apply to shopping/return trips. We submit receipts and request clients make separate payments for supply reimbursement. Please remit payment within seven (7) days of receipt.

Donations, Dumping, and Hauling 

AON will donate or dump items on your behalf. Transport depends on what fits in my vehicle and what I can reasonably carry without assistance or injury. AON will coordinate pick up or hauling services for large lots and oversized items. We provided dated tax-deductible donation receipts from the charity; however, it is the client’s responsibility to complete the blank receipt by filling in the item descriptions and values. Clients pay dump fees and travel expenses related to discarding items.

Yard Sales

AON will assist in the preparation and administration of a garage or yard sale, moving sale, or estate sale. Hourly rates apply. These preparations include, but we do not limit them to:

  1. deciding what to sell and pricing items
  2. grouping items into categories for display or sale as lots
  3. setting up and displaying items (we have tables several large tables we can lone out)
  4. marketing – placing online ads, posting signs around the neighborhood
  5. arranging for donation or removal of unsold goods


AON is not responsible for the performance of a third-party company referred by our staff, including any conduct that falls below an acceptable standard or results in damages. We do not subcontract work. Client referrals are our greatest compliment. If your referral becomes a new paid client, you will receive ONE HOUR of COMPLIMENTARY organizing services at your next session. There is no limit to the number of referral hours you can bank, but you may only apply two (2) hours of banked time per five (5) hours of session time.


AON guarantees a more ordered environment upon completion of each contract. Items may remain in staging areas and on work surfaces between work days. The organizing process can temporarily result in more disorder before job completion, especially when clutter overwhelms a small space. AON does not guarantee its ability to lift or move large or heavy objects. AON recommends hiring trained experts to value collectibles or other unique assets.