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Whole-Home Organization

Whole-home organization is about fitting your material possessions into the container that is your home. It’s about meeting your needs efficiently without the extraneous getting in the way. If you have more than your space comfortably accommodates, you will recognize quickly that your stuff owns you; you don’t own it.

Area Specific Organization

Unclutter, clean, and organize once and for all. ALL Organized Now offers help with one room or an area in a room; closets, cupboards, drawers, counters, basements, attics, and even your garage. No detail is too small. 

Home Office Services

Let me help set up your small business or fine-tune your already working business. ALL Organized Now provides support to redirect your focus from reoccurring tasks and crisis management to long-term goal achievement. I can dramatically improve office organization, efficiency, and aesthetics by resolving workflow issues with custom solutions. Whether you telecommute one day each week or run a business from home full time, staying organized can help you stay at the top of your game. 

Life Changes

I offer support through life changes like death, divorce, and empty-nesting, and can help dig out of a difficult transition period. Organizing through grief can be a restorative process. Sometimes all we need is to feel we can take charge of something to regain our footing in life. I know this path well, having walked it myself. Sessions begin with attentive listening and small steps. Starting with less emotionally charged areas in the home builds skill and confidence. We will not leap into areas like sentimental items until you feel ready. Clients are never rushed or pushed. Sometimes all a grieving person needs is a witness, someone to hold space for their process and gently permit them to let go. 


Do you need to thin your material convoy before moving? Downsizing? No Problem. All Organized Now is here to help. Moving is the best time to ask yourself the hard questions about your belongings because you are touching everything you own. Why not take the opportunity to make intentional decisions for a fresh start? People tend to feel overwhelmed sorting through their belongings. But, it can be fun! Moving is the perfect time thank your material possessions for their service. Then let go of what no longer serves to find a new purpose elsewhere.

Swedish Death Cleaning 

Don’t leave a mess behind when you depart this life; losing you will be hard enough! Spare your family the impossible task of deciding what mattered to you by distributing your treasures and paring down to the essentials. Less to manage in your golden years is itself a blessing. Death cleaning is more than sharing your worldly possessions before passing. Death cleaning includes sharing your end-of-life plans, including the location of your will and wishes about disposition. Together this information is called a life file. Life files include important passwords, financial, or other relevant information that may be tough for your heirs to find or collect after you are gone. Putting together your life file is an exceptionally caring gesture you make for your loved ones. I can help.

Emergency Preparedness 

Now is the time to prepare for earthquakes, fires, pandemics or even power outages. Plan ahead to ensure you have the necessities to withstand a crisis. Don’t assume government agencies and community organizations will help immediately after an emergency. Those groups will have limited time and resources. Even emergency services will likely be difficult to reach. Runs on supplies can leave the unprepared out of luck. Make an investment in your families’ security. With my help you can avoid some of the pitfalls of preparedness. With some basic organization and preparation, you can rest more easily knowing your family has an solid Emergency Plan in place. 

Digital Organization Services 

Get your electronic life in order!  The link explains the steps I take to help you get digitally organized. Feel free to use them as a guide to organize yourself.

Aesthetic Home Staging 

All Organized Now can make the most of what you already own. I understand scale, color, lighting, and the balance between functional and beautiful. I am an expert at editing existing room elements to use what you already have to its fullest potential. I can get your home ready for parties, events, and sales. Put your home’s best face forward and avoid spending money on professional staging. I will happily work with your agent and execute a plan to make your house a show stopper.