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Dear Human,
Thanks for visiting my Blog

Dear Robot, Please go away!

Hello, my messy friends, 

I dedicate this blog to content that informs and encourages a decluttering and organizing journey. And while I enjoy writing, I don’t have the time I wish I did to devote to posting here. So, if I have posted something, it’s a sure bet I feel passionate about it. For this reason, I hope you will find the content helpful, and I invite you to share it with others who may benefit. 

Straightaway, I need to come clean with you, and coming clean is something I have a lot of practice with. As I am an expert cleaner. Presently this blog doesn’t attract many actual human beings, only robot spam, and scammers. So sadly, I had to turn off comments. Sorry (sniff). Maybe sometime in the future, my blog can become a collaborative place for carbon-based life forms. Indeed, I would love to hear from real people and answer genuine questions. Well, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to hear from an artificial intelligence, but for now, it’s just silicon-based robot spam. 

This is blonde female bio unit Andy, your mortal friend, signing off.

Be Nice! Someday Robots may rule the world.

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