Are You Considering Whole-Home Organization?

These 7 signs indicate it’s time to invest in organizing your entire home.

You have an off-site storage unit-Keeping a long-term storage unit for extra stuff can waste money. The cumulative storage cost might exceed the items’ values. Storage facilities are good temporary options to free up space at home while selling or distributing unneeded goods. But storage units are not a solution to owning more than can fit in your home. Shuffling stuff into storage delays the inevitable decision-making and work to sell or donate your excess. Proper de-cluttering removes things from your space permanently. Let go of the excess stuff and save yourself the future hassle and expense.

Putting laundry away is a chore-You have too much clothing if you struggle to put away the laundry. Keeping drawers and closets tidy when brimming full is a serious effort. Laundry is a time-consuming chore. If putting it away feels impossible, the laundry tends to accumulate. When getting out or putting away a shirt leads to refolding the entire pile of shirts, you have a bigger problem than the solution your clothing offers. When laundry seems like a Herculean effort, it is time to consider whole-home organization.

You lose/misplace items-Do you regularly misplace your smartphone, TV remote, keys, glasses, earbuds, wallet, hair ties, or chargers? You’re not alone. Create a place for everything and put everything in its place to save time and worry. If doing so is difficult, trim back and make room for the things you use daily. Free spaces in the forefront of a home make life easier.

You replace lost items-A sign you need to de-clutter is replacing items that you lost. Consider whole-house organization if you regularly re-purchase items because the originals have disappeared into the clutter. Those lost items will likely turn up during the process.

You have duplicates or a hoard of backups-Maybe, you moved in with your current partner and have two of almost everything. Or maybe, you are a person that needs backup items just in case. Either way, stop devoting a portion of your finite space and time to the unnecessary. Fear is the primary root of just-in-case thinking. A common cognitive distortion that hinders the realization of our full potential is the fear of scarcity. The scarcity mindset comes from a common belief that we do not deserve abundance. The problem, for most of us, is not that we have too little it is that we have too much and that too much adds unnecessary stress to our lives.

Your middle name is ‘Storage Bins Galore’-Stackable storage bins are an okay solution for garage storage or utilizing the vertical space in a closet. Bins do not make accessing your items easy. Adding even more storage bins is the last thing to do when the remaining place to store the bins is in a living area. In this case, you are purchasing materials to organize and store items that need de-cluttering. Containers of any kind are clutter enablers. Our brains love to fill up empty spaces. Bins and baskets are BAND-AID treatments for clutter sickness. They are never the cure. Stop organizing clutter. Start purging! 

And the number one sign that it is time for whole house organization is piles of stuff that make the home inaccessible and unusable. A dinner table that cannot serve a meal. An Amazon box cemetery for a guest room. A garage with no room for a car. All indicate the time to invest in your home is now. Professional organizers are experts at conquering clutter once and for all.