Six Packing and Purging Questions to Ask When You are Moving

(and One Question to Avoid)

Moving is the perfect time

to ask yourself these six helpful packing and purging questions about the items you own. These questions settle feelings of overwhelm by one, grounding you in the present and two, framing the approach to your decisions. They even help combat decision fatigue.

You Never Really Know How Much Stuff You Accumulate Until You Move House

What do I want to keep?

When considering a large cupboard or a closet full of items when packing and purging, start by asking what do I want to keep. It is always a better place to start than asking what do I want to get rid of. It is the difference between an abundance versus a scarcity focus. Do not look too closely at the things left after carefully choosing what matters to you in your life. The extra is just background noise. 

When was the last time I used this?

Asking when you last used something is a valuable metric for how useful that something is. Does it really make your life easier if you don’t use it? What did you hope to accomplish with it? Does it add enough value to pay for the space it takes up in your world? 

Where is this going in the new house?

When packing and purging, if you can’t think of a place to put it in your new home, odds are it will stay packed in the moving box for months. Eventually, you might toss it anyway, or worse, buy a storage unit for it and all its unpacked friends. Do yourself a favor and just let it go.

Is this something my past-self used? 

Am I still the same person? Oh, the stories our stuff could tell about who we are. The trouble is no one but us is listening. Worthy people don’t assess your items to decide who you are. Anyone that would do that is not worth inviting into your home. Don’t fall into a materialistic trap. You do not need to hold onto things as representations of who you once were. You are a fully integrated human. All that you have that is of value is alive in you. Let the stuff go, and let your experiences define you. 

Does it have functional or sentimental value? 

Packing and purging is the perfect time to determine if your items are functional or sentimental. If they are not, they probably serves little purpose in your life. In other words, don’t pack the junk drawer.

Do I want to keep, care for, manage, and move this? 

Everything we own requires at least some of our time and attention; this is where simple living makes magic happen. Without open space in our lives, there is no room for growth to flourish. When packing and purging put open space at a premium.

And the one question to avoid… Is this item EXPENSIVE?

That’s right! Was this an expensive purchase is not a helpful question. So why do so many of us fall into this trap? To shed light on this common logical fallacy please enjoy the above video by Intermittent Diversion. Please give them a like and subscribe.

Are you ready to start parting with your items?

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